Mould Impact Assessment Services

Comprehensive Mould Impact Assessments by Opterra

Opterra specialises in offering professional Mould Impact Assessments, providing valuable insights to tackle mould-related challenges and ensure a healthier living or working space

Understanding Mould Impacts

Our highly skilled team conducts thorough assessments to identify the presence of mould and assess its impact on indoor air quality and occupants’ health.

Health and Indoor Air Quality Evaluation

We conduct in-depth evaluations of indoor air quality and potential health risks associated with mould exposure, ensuring a safe and comfortable living or working environment.

Mould Identification and Risk Analysis

Opterra identifies mould species and evaluates the extent of infestation, providing risk analysis to address mould-related concerns effectively.

Mould Impact Assessment – Airborne Mould Spore Sampling

Airborne mould spore sampling will be carried out using Air-O-Cells. Air-O-Cells are a linear spore trap with an impaction
trace used for the collection of airborne bio-aerosols such as fungi. Particulate laden air is accelerated as it is drawn through
the cassette’s tapered inlet slit and directed towards a small slide containing the collection media, where the particles
become impacted, and the air flow continues out the exit orifice.

Mould Impact Assessment – Surface Mould Spore Sampling

Bio-Tape slides will be used to sample mould growth on surfaces. Bio-Tape consists of a flexible plastic microscope slide
with a pre-defined adhesive area that is placed onto the surface being tested and removed with a slow, steady force.

Reliable and Accredited Analysis

At Opterra, accuracy and reliability are our top priorities. We employ only NATA accredited laboratories for sample analysis, strictly adhering to Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) procedures.

Tailored Mould Mitigation Strategies

Based on the assessment results, we develop customised mould mitigation strategies to prevent further spread and effectively eliminate mould-related issues.

Why Choose Opterra?

  • Specialized expertise: Opterra’s team possesses specialised knowledge and experience in mould impact assessment and management.

  • Comprehensive assessments: Our assessments cover all aspects of mould impact, ensuring a holistic approach to mould management.

  • Health-rocused solutions: We prioritise the health and well-being of occupants, providing informed strategies for mould mitigation.

  • Effective mould management: Opterra offers tailored solutions to eliminate mould issues at their source, preventing future reoccurrence.

  • Regulatory compliance: Our services align with industry standards and guidelines, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

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