Clandestine Laboratory Assessment Services

Expert Clandestine Laboratory Assessment Services by Opterra

At Opterra, we specialise in offering expert clandestine laboratory assessment services throughout Australia. Our highly skilled team conducts comprehensive assessments to identify and handle hazardous clandestine labs effectively.

Clandestine Labs in Australia!

The number of clandestine laboratories (or meth labs) found across Australia is on the rise. According to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission Illicit Drug Data Report, of the 432 laboratories detected nationally in 2017-18, almost 70% were located in residential areas, near schools, playgrounds and other residential homes. This number only represents about 10% of the total laboratories in Australia.

The manufacture of illicit drugs is typically done in small laboratories, with relatively inexpensive over-the-counter ingredients including common cold medications. Illicit drug manufacture also involves a number of other easily obtained chemicals that are hazardous, such as acetone, anhydrous ammonia (fertiliser), ether, red phosphorus, and lithium.

The toxic residues left by the illicit drug manufacture do not break down over time, therefore, once a home is contaminated, it will remain so until it is professionally cleaned. Exposure to high levels of illicit drug residue, either inhaled or absorbed through the skin can cause a range of serious health issue.

The only way to tell if your home is contaminated is to have it tested. Opterra can perform a number of tests to determine whether your house or property has been contaminated from illicit drug manufacture or illicit drug us

Comprehensive Assessments

Our thorough clandestine laboratory assessments focus on evaluating potential hazards posed by these illegal labs. We meticulously analyse the environment, identify harmful substances, and determine appropriate measures for safe disposal and remediation.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Opterra’s clandestine lab assessments prioritise safety and compliance with legal and environmental regulations. Our expert team ensures that these dangerous labs are handled and disposed of in accordance with relevant guidelines.

Expert Solutions for Hazardous Labs

With our extensive expertise, we develop customised solutions for each clandestine laboratory, taking into account the unique risks and challenges they present. Trust Opterra for accurate evaluations and the safe management of hazardous labs.

Why Choose Opterra?

  • Specialised team: Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with specialised knowledge in clandestine laboratory assessments.
  • Accurate evaluations: We provide precise and reliable evaluations to effectively manage and remediate hazardous clandestine labs.
  • Compliance and safety: Opterra ensures that all assessments and solutions align with environmental regulations and safety standards.
  • Comprehensive approach: Our assessments cover all aspects of clandestine labs, identifying risks and devising appropriate measures.
  • Reliable partner: Trust Opterra as your reliable partner for expert clandestine laboratory assessment services in Australia.

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