Opterra has been selected as one of the three finalists in this year’s CARE Award. The winner is to be announced at the CleanUp 2017 Gala Dinner on Tuesday 12 September.

The CARE Award recognises technologies and innovations in the area of contamination assessment and remediation of the environment, and celebrates the achievements of the winner among the industry sector and peers. Nominees must demonstrate that they have developed a product that is unique, marketable, has features that improve the users’ life or work, and is stable and reliable. A ‘product’ can be a technology, innovation, service, or invention within the field of environmental contamination assessment and remediation science.

Care Award

Opterra nominated its unique drone attachment. This attachment allows the use of different types of environmental/occupational sampling equipment on a drone which enables point of emission, location-specific and real-time air contamination sampling and assessment.

The attachment:

  • allows a drone to be used in sampling scenarios whereby multiple sampling devices are require for unique circumstances and locations such as research capabilities as well as monitoring for compliance.
  • allows a drone to be used for high risk sampling situation instead of a worker. High risk areas include working at heights, difficult access points and areas of harmful/ toxic gases.
  • has the potential to have multiple detectors or collection media therefore offers a greater service without the need to hire specialist individual detectors.

Wish us luck!